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The Most Captivating Self-Paced Munich Walking Tours You’ll Ever Experience

Self-Paced Munich Walking tour by Sightseeing Munich App
Winter hiking in Bavaria is one of the most magical experiences you will ever have! Hiking through snowy paths, surrounded by mystical forests, it’s simply unforgettable. In this post, we want to share with you 3 of our top easy winter hikes in Bavaria, as well as some tips on health and safety to keep in mind while outdoors in winter.

Let’s start from the beginning, shall we? The idea of the immersive Munich Walking Tours by Sightseeing Munich was born back in 2014 while the founder, Sebastian, was doing his semester abroad in the US. Being guided through Alcatraz by a former inmate, with sound effects and even a reenactment of a prison break, sparked an idea that later on he would put to practice while still at university. He wanted to bring that kind of immersive storytelling-based experience he enjoyed in California to Munich, a city full of fascinating stories waiting to be told. But it wouldn’t be until he thought of Sophie Scholl’s history that the first tour would come to life.

Fast forward a few years, now they offer various captivating self-paced walking tours of Munich in English and in German, and cover a variety of topics. From a tour of the popular English Gardens to Munich Old Town walking tours and tours where you’ll visit historical sites associated with the White Rose (the most famous resistance group in Nazi Germany). And with a starting price of less than 5€, it is a steal!

Bavarian State Chancellery from the Hofgarten during a Munich Walking Tour | Slow Travel Bavaria

After finding out about Sightseeing Munich‘s concept I could not pass the invitation to try their Home of the Rulers tour. This tour takes you throughout Munich’s old town on a quest to explore and discover some of the most representative architecture in the Bavarian capital, as well as its history told by those who experienced it first hand.

I personally loved how easy it was to use and follow the tour and having the chance to do it at my own pace was a nice plus. I could simply press stop whenever I felt like staying a bit longer and taking photos. On top of that, it is one of those things you can do whether you are visiting or live in the city and feel like doing something different. But enough about me, let me tell you a bit more about the walking tours themselves.

How do the self-paced Munich Walking Tours work?

The tours are read by professional voice actors which keeps the tour interesting and entertaining. The shared information is not your typical guide talk but told from the point of view of the character, it is their story, which is a refreshing approach to the traditional walking tour.

Besides the story-based well researched and planned audio guides, their self-paced walking tours of Munich are easy to use. All you will need is a smartphone per person, the app (which you can download for free from the Apple and Google App stores) and headphones!

You can purchase the Munich city walking tours you would like to do directly through the app, and once it is/they are downloaded you don’t even need to have mobile data to do the tour. Oh, and as mentioned earlier, it can be started and stopped at any time. This means you have full control over the pace and the stops you want to make along the way. Looking at you snap-happy fellows!

All of this makes these self-guided walking tours of Munich the perfect activity to do on your own or in a small group. Spontaneously or planned in advance, you will have the perfect visit for your day exploring Munich. It is also great as a small gift, to take your visitors along. And more importantly, it is a wonderful way to explore Munich sustainably while supporting a small local business.

Frequently Asked Questions about the self-paced Munich Walking Tours

Where do I find the Sightseeing Munich Self-Paced Walking Tour App

You can find them here (opens a new tab).

How much do the tours cost?

Starts at 2,29 € per tour

Which languages do they offer?

Currently there are tours available in German and English

How long do the tours last?

Depends on the tour, they range from 30 min. to a bit over 1.5 hours, but it all depends on how long do you want to stop in each location and how many breaks you take along the tour

Does it work without Internet?

Once you have purchased your desired tour and downloaded it, the tour works without Internet.

If you have any other questions not covered here, leave a comment below and I will get back to you (as well as update the post, of course).